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Real Talk for HR and Leaders

Every Tuesday, New York, USA – Virtual

February 16th and 23rd

Join us for a virtual discussion held via Zoom that will give you the chance to share your opinions and ideas in an open environment. This is your chance to be part of our community, share, listen, and learn with other professionals in the field.

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An online brave and safe space bringing together people to build empathy, respect and cross-cultural understanding by having discussions that matter. Giving each person the chance to be heard, to speak their mind, and to agree and disagree respectfully; thus creating an opportunity for assumptions, prejudices, and misunderstandings to be overcome through personal growth and effective communication.

Each session focuses on one key question that leads to a meaningful discussion. 

These sessions are hosted by Master Facilitators who create a unique experience that has proven social impact. See the TEDx Talk on Aristotle’s Cafe by following this link


Every Tuesday

12-1pm Online

USA Eastern Time

Register here, please check your time zone for the call

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