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How is your team really doing?

The pandemic has exacerbated existing issues of stress, purpose, and cohesion. Teams are burned-out, disconnected, & morale is at an all-time low.

It’s more important than ever that your team has a culture of collaboration and support.



68% of employees are disengaged and disconnected at work, costing companies $450-550 billion per year in lost productivity. (Data from Google Project – Aristotle)



40% of employees report having daily anxiety and 66% say they’re burned out (Anxiety & D. Association & Gallup) 



Connected and engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave an organization. Turnover costs can be 100-300% of an employee’s base salary.

Invest in Your Team’s Success

Our approach offers the skills necessary to not only overcome challenges, but also to thrive together during these difficult times.

Leaders that

Ask Powerful Questions


Actively Listen


Communicate Expectations

Have Difficult Coversations

Are Emotionally Intelligent


Foster Psychological Safety


Teams that

Effectively Collaborate


Advocate For Their Needs


Are Motivated and Engaged


Are Aligned on Collective Goals


Have a Growth-Mindset


Feel Valued and Supported

Solutions for remote and hybrid teams


(5 to 500+ people)

We’ll create and present a 60-minute interactive keynote. Just don’t expect to be sitting down and listening much, our experiential approach will leave a lasting impact.

Retreats and Workshops

(3 to 30 people)

Our workshops are interactive and tailored around your needs. That is why we’ve been invited in by Corporations, Non-Profits, and Universities across 3 Continents.

Exceptional teams are difficult to put together, and even more difficult to retain.

From executive management to entry-level members, a culture of collaboration, growth and well-being is critical to your business outcomes. 

When individuals feel supported, valued, and have a sense of purpose, they do their best work. 

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The value of a team in any organization throughout the world lies in providing strong impact through products and services that customers love, and that also work for the business. The creation and operation of these products and services, in pretty much any business, happens through a series of communication chains that, depending on how effective or not they are, are going to dictate whether such products and services will be able to achieve their expected outcomes. Facilitating this process well is key for any business leader, and having their teams on the same page and pace is invaluable to any business, especially under the challenging circumstances the world is going through today. The Dialogic Approach to optimizing communication through superb facilitation techniques could not be more important in today’s “new normal”.

Renato Silva

Head of Product & Regional PMO at Tencent

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